About haemorrhoids

Myths about haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids is a condition that has many misconceptions about it. Below are some of the myths you may have heard, with an explanation as to why there is no truth to them.

Myth: You can get haemorrhoids from sitting on cold floors
The facts: This is not true! Sitting on a cold floor will not give you haemorrhoids, however, sitting down for long periods can increase your chances of getting haemorrhoids. The temperature of what you sit on has no effect on whether you get haemorrhoids and in fact many people find that cooling painful haemorrhoids is a great way of getting relief.

Myth: Only unhealthy people get haemorrhoids
The facts: This is not true. It is important to remember that a good diet will reduce your chance of getting haemorrhoids, however, lots of healthy people also suffer. If your family has a history of suffering haemorrhoids or if you do heavy manual work or weightlifting your chance of getting haemorrhoids is increased.

Myth: Only older people get haemorrhoids
The facts: This is not true. It is true that your chances of getting haemorrhoids increase with age, however, lots of young men and women also suffer.

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