About piles - 50% of people will suffer from piles at some point during their life

Piles are very rarely talked about, that is, unless they are part of a joke. Yet for the 1.7 million people in the UK who suffer with them, piles are no laughing matter.

Piles can have unpleasant symptoms - bleeding when passing a motion, discomfort, irritation and itching. Many people who suffer from piles feel embarrassed, but they shouldn't since piles are very common. In fact, 50% of people in the western world suffer from piles at some point during their life.*

The Germoloids site is designed to give you all the information you need about haemorrhoids (or piles, as the problem is more commonly known) - how to detect the symptoms, how to treat them and, most importantly, how to avoid them. To share your experiences or to comment on the Germoloids website click on the "Have your say" icon.

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*Source: Blacks Medical Dictionary

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